Weka Campers are proudly manufactured by Stainless DownUnder NZ Ltd. Since 2001  we have been world renowned engineers and manufacturers of super-yacht marine hardware, automated doors, windows, and hatches as well as high end residential security solutions with secret doors and walls.  Our sister company Kiwi Closures Limited provides aluminium solutions in watertight and weathertight doors and closures.

Closer to home we have utilised our skills in providing a bespoke solution to the camper market and created a unique style of ‘tear-drop’ camper called The Weka’ and just like that rugged cheeky awesome little bush bird, this camper will take you where you need to go.

  • Secure and stylish
  • Rugged construction designed for all terrain travel
  • Deceptively large internal space
  • High end materials and finishes
  • Easy enough to park and maintain
  • Stable and easy to tow
  • Easily customized to your specific needs and sports addictions.
  • Rugged enough for HIM and comfortable enough for HER.

Go pretty much anywhere in comfort and explore, bike, paddle, fish, hunt, trek, surf……Live Life!